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Aluminum Can Blues

Aluminum Can Blues

Ahh  the memories… Warm summer nights cruising around in your first beat up car, blasting a fresh CD you labored over for 20 minutes trying to open. Or, maybe it’s an old cassette you scored on sale at The Warehouse or Music Plus. A quick stop at Del Taco, and you give your friends “the look.” They reluctantly pass you their change with a loving smirk; the remnants of their paychecks from their first minimum wage jobs at the mall. It’s just enough gas money to get to the next party, show, or movie. Or, maybe tonight you’re headed to “the point,” that one place in your city where everyone always ended up, every weekend. It was just far enough away from home to be out of eyesight of parents and authority, but not so far away that you couldn’t make curfew. It was that one place to be truly free, where anything seemed possible, at least for a few hours. 

You park. Your friends are giggling and thrashing in the back seat. One of them burps as he polishes off his Orange Crush soda. Everyone grosses out over the smell of digesting bean burrito and chemical citrus. He is quickly forgiven though. He shakes out the remaining drops of liquid, and you hear the soft crinkle of aluminum being molded and re-purposed. Someone removes a button from her backpack; maybe an anarchy or peace sign, or maybe her favorite band of all time. He takes the button and bends the pin back. Everyone watches intently as he punctures tiny little holes in the center of the indented can. He makes a final, larger hole in the side of the can, perfectly placed for a teenage thumb. And, voila! A pipe is born. Now who has the weed ?!?!

There’s nothing like nostalgia to make you long for more simple times. Cassette tapes and soda can pipes may be a thing of the past, but it is possible to re-capture that feeling without the risk of inhaling harmful chemicals. With Piece Pipe, you can experience the evolution of mobile smoking technology; always at your fingertips, always convenient, and always stealth. You’re older now… embrace the sophistication of the Piece Pipe key ring! (No cans or pins required)

What’s your favorite coming of age memory? What kind of smoking devices did your friends make? We’d love to hear from you.

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