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An Herbal Nightcap

An Herbal Nightcap

Cannabis may be just the thing to help insomniacs get a good night’s sleep. Unlike prescription remedies for insomnia, cannabis does not present risks of addiction, overdose or side effects.  Besides being a good tool to ease insomnia, it helps relaxation from other symptoms that affect sleep, such as pain, PTSD, sleep apnea, arthritis, HIV/AIDS, depression and cancer.

But there are some things to know before trying this effective sleep aid. Leafly provided a very handy list of 10 things to know before using this sleeplessness remedy. Here are a few highlights.

Many sleep studies on Indica strains of cannabis confirmed that Indica strains have a sedating effect than sativa strains. While THC strains give you more of a high or buzz, high CBD strains help increase alertness for when you are awake and sleepy due to lack of good night’s rest the night before.

Effects from cannabis edibles take longer to kick in, but their effects last much longer and are stronger. When cannabis ages, and THC levels decrease over time, the chemistry changes, producing more cannabinol, a much more sedating compound.

Adding other natural sleep aids to cannabis, synergistically increases sleepiness and restfulness – try hops, chamomile tea, lavender scented products, melatonin and valerian root supplements.

Despite all the benefits of this sleep aid, there are some things to look out for.

Using a cannabis nightcap may create a weed hangover effect. You may not feel nauseous, but you might experience headaches, fogginess, dehydration, lethargy, congestion or eye irritation. A good way to avoid it is to seek out the highest grade, clean from pesticides, tested cannabis. The best way to treat these symptoms is similar to an alcohol hangover. Drinking water is one of the main actions that may help.

Regularly consuming cannabis inhibits the amount we dream, since it shortens the final stage of sleep, the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep cycle, which is when we dream. And discontinuing cannabis use, after a long time of regular use, may disrupt sleep patterns.

The good news is that if you ease into trying this remedy, it should be a good source of lowered stress, relaxation and good sleep.

So how do you relax? To help with a good night’s sleep, you can find the Original Piece Pipe, the essential tool for stealth smoking, at our home page here.

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