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Do You Vape, Bro?

Do You Vape, Bro?

Are you into pipes/bongs or do you vape?

In my head I still associate weed with the act of smoking – pipes, hand rolled joints, bongs and one-hitter “faux” cigarettes. Let’s face it, pot smokers are spontaneous and innovative enough to make a pipe out of aluminum cans, a ball of aluminum foil and even toilet paper rolls. We’ve seen it all. Lately whenever I smell the sweet smoke of weed in public, and it’s been happening more and more lately, I look around to find the smokers with vaporizers.

Vaping heats up a liquid mixture, or finely ground cannabis, that makes you inhale and exhale a light mist. For the portable vaporizers, they definitely are portable and discreet. I was surprised they run on rechargeable batteries and have built in temperature controls. In my head, I never associated a “techie”, digital component to smoking weed. One of the sleek, upscale brands of vaporizers is even designed by a former Apple product developer!

What is the downside? Vape pens definitely cost more and introduce some maintenance and repair tasks found on all electronics. One cannot be too spontaneous when you need to plug them in, charge them. It definitely kills spontaneity. A recent Cannabist article pointed out how people intrusively pull out vape pens in public, which has become akin to constantly fidgeting with one’s smartphone, or even skipping a live concert to watch the whole thing on an iPad. They pointed out that a vape pen looks about as cool as wearing a Bluetooth headset.

Smoking pot on the other hand feels less hollow, less mechanical. You are dealing with a plant that was grown with care. The social etiquette around smoking has been established. To me, it emotionally and psychologically feels better.

Which do you prefer? If you are a traditional smoker, you can find the Original Piece Pipe, the essential tool for stealth smoking, at our home page here.

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