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Green on Wheels: How the Cannabis Delivery Industry Is Changing

Green on Wheels:  How the Cannabis Delivery Industry Is Changing

There has been a recent explosion of delivery services for anything you can imagine, often called “the Uber of __”. Did you know that cannabis delivery service is part of this convenience?

One of my first experiences with visiting a cannabis dispensary was while I was visiting a close friend, Debra, who was suffering from Stage 4 appendix cancer. Primarily a medical marijuana user, she largely depended on the cannabis to help her fall asleep despite severe pain and breathing issues. Over the previous six months she had dwindled to a tiny version of herself and had to lug around an oxygen tank when she left the house.

We decided to visit a cannabis dispensary in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. My friend was a Harvard educated scholar, dressed very feminine and elegantly. She prided herself on going to her chemo sessions wearing brightly colored high heels, which gave her a semblance of normalcy. She blew the common perception of a weed smoker out of the water. It felt like an out of body experience seeing her in a somewhat sketchy dispensary, let alone having her spend her precious energy making this trip.

Regardless she went on these necessary trips. At the time, I wished she could order her edibles as easily as one can order a pizza. She was spending considerably more money on this product, and needed it quickly.

Fast forward a few months later, and the LA Times, confirms that cannabis delivery services number in the hundreds in Southern California alone, with nationwide delivery services in the thousands. These services not only offer patients convenience, but it offers a more inexpensive business model than the physical store. It provides a safer way to engage in the transaction, yielding in a large number of female customers.

With hundreds of dispensaries closing down in Los Angeles, since voters approved Proposition D, delivery services would provide a means for owners of closed dispensary stores to liquidate their unsold inventory. State laws have not prosecuted delivery services as heavily, unlike dispensaries requiring patients to join as members of a collective.

Weedmaps, a directory like Yelp for cannabis products and services, lists and provides ratings of delivery services.

Cannabis delivery is illegal in Los Angeles, aside from home nurses or primary caregivers. However, the Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force is working on proposals to allow the city’s legal dispensaries to be granted permits once statewide medical marijuana regulatory and safety acts kick in by 2018, according to the LA Weekly.

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