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A Higher Quality of Sex

A Higher Quality of Sex

The benefits of cannabis go all the way to the bedroom.  Relaxed muscles, increased sensitivity to touch and a calmer, better mood are some of the effects that can enhance or improve sex for some.  On top of that, you can add a dimension of euphoria to an already fun experience, while keeping any nerves at bay.

Marijuana is considered an aphrodisiac. It is said, by Psychology Daily, to also increase libido and even make orgasms more intense. The same study points out that one’s perception of time gets stretched out, or slows down, which makes a good thing last longer.

The LA Lady on the Whaxy site offers some basic tips to incorporate cannabis into your sexy time.

  • Practice moderation. Don’t get stoned to the point where you can’t function, or it’s too late to realize you smoked too much.
  • Don’t let lowered inhibition keep you from protecting yourself from STD’s. You may want to keep lube nearby as well since marijuana can cause dryness of the mucous membranes.
  • A trial run with any new strain, method or partner helps you know what to expect. Different strains of cannabis can affect people differently.

The main varieties of the herb are indica and sativa. These different species grow differently, look different and provide different types of high. The key difference in the effects is indica’s relax and relief vibe vs. sativa’s energy and focus vibe.

Whaxy recommends various strains to tailor the experience. For wild nights, a sativa will come on strong and stay strong. It provides a more playful, giggly, euphoric experience. Suggested strains are Silver Haze and Trainwreck, as well as the more toned down and body-tingling XJ-13.

For a more balanced experience, the hybrid Chemdawg comes on strong but ends with more relaxation – a good choice if you are nervous about your performance. Blue Dream provides both the clearer head and the body high. Bruce Banner, Grand Daddy Purple, and G13 are stronger strains that help with stress, uplift the mind and help increase sensitivity to touch. Skywalker OG is good for mind-altering and getting lost in the moment.

So before you get ready to indulge in one of life’s biggest pleasures, consider a satisfying smoke to let the heightened buzz kick in. You can find the Original Piece Pipe, the essential tool for stealth smoking, at our home page here.

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